Recently finished Arctic White Wolf

Hello dear mini friends,
it has been a while since I have been here. No excuse really other than I get so busy with other staff. But, I visit all your miniature blogs and enjoy reading it.
 Today I want to show recently finished Howling  Arctic Wolf. I admit, it was a little challenge for me, because this is my first animal with open mouth and teeth. But I did it and customer loved it. So proud.:)

Hope you like it too
Greetings, Ina


  1. Great job on the mouth and teeth! Your howling arctic wolf is awesome! xo Jennifer

  2. He is very good. No wonder your customer is happy with him. It makes me want to make some animal, again too. ;-)

  3. Dear Ina,
    I want to leave you a comment under you recent post but I could not find the way.... It has happened with me many times when I visit you.... Have anyone else said something to you about this?
    Anyway... Your gobbler is adorable!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours !!!

    1. Dear Pat,
      I don't know what can be the problem. Nobody else have this problem, or at least I don't know.
      Thank you for your comment and also Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!
      Ina :)