Dollhouse Miniature Lamb OOAK

At first, I wanted to make a 2 mini lambs, but I have no more time - Christmas is just around the corner. So for now will be just one :)

Available for sale here


Miniature Santa's Reindeer OOAK

Here is one of the Santa's reindeers - I really wanted to made a couple, but soon coming Christmas and I'm very busy. Maybe next year...


Dollhouse Miniature Wolf OOAK

I made a wolf  yesterday - this is my second one. I remember the first one I made a time ago was a disaster, but this one looks better :)

Available at my Ebay store



OOAK Animal Totems - new items for my Etsy

       I made something different for my Etsy shop - OOAK animal totems - they can be a great gift for you or someone else. Please take a look of some of them:

                Cat totem

  Llama totem
Elephant totem
You can find them at my shop


Dollhouse Miniature Bay-Breasted Warbler and Tree Sparrow OOAL

I made two tiny birds, on the first picture they pose on penny.
This is sparrow
And this is warbler
They are now available here